Understanding the Role of Technology for Funders, Foundations and Charitable Trusts 

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Why is charity grant giving & charity/community funding so time consuming for funders and fundraisers?

  • Trusts & foundations are regularly oversubscribed with charity grant & funding applications, yet smaller, less well-known organisations may have unfulfilled grant schemes that match those requests
  • About 1/3 of applications to charitable trusts & foundations are ineligible
  • Between 85% & 90% of community and charity grant and funding applications are rejected at the 1st stage
  • Charities and community groups say the application process is "too complicated & bureaucratic"

This ground-breaking report highlights the issues faced by both those organisations and individuals that give money to good causes and the charities and local community projects trying to fundraise and apply for charitable grants.  It explains how technology and digitalisation will enable funders, foundations, trusts and individual philanthropists, to transform their charity grants and funding processes to get the money to the charity and community projects that really need it faster and more efficiently.

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